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Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD.

Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD. is subordinate to Zhejiang Hengchang Industrial Group, is a exclusively subsidiary company of the group.
Zhejiang Hengchang Industrial Group is a group with very strong comprehensive strength.Our group is concerned with manufacture of leather,sources of hydropower, real estate development, enameled wire etc.The group have 7 exclusively subsidiary company,such as Jiangshan Hengchang Leather Co.,LTD., Jiangshan Hualian Leather Co.,LTD.,Jiangshan Shuangta Hydropower Industrial Co.,LTD.,Changshan Changfeng Hydropower Industrial Co.,LTD.,Jiangshan Haifeng Real Estate Co.,LTD.,Jiangshan Hengchang Cable Co.,LTD., Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD. In 2004, the total output value is RMB 0.85 billions.

Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD. is original from Zhejiang Jiangnan Chain Co.,LTD. which is set up in 1990.In 2002,through reorganized assets,which is set up Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD. Our company is one of the most important manufacturers of Motorcycle chains, Auto transmission chains, Industrial chains, Agricultural chains in China.

Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co.,LTD. has staffers more than 300 at present, in which engineering technicians have 90 persons,reach about 30%. Our brands of chains are “HCC”,and “CHC” . We already can produce more than 100 kinds of chains of six kinds,including Motorcycle transmission chains,Motorcycle timing chains,Auto transmission chains,Agricultural chains(Walking tractor chains),Short pitch precision roller chains and other Industrial chains.Its capacity per year is thirteen millions metres.They are sold toward many countries and regions,such as Europe , America, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Taiwan and Japan etc.

Our company fetched in whole set of chain manufacturing equipments with international advanced level in 1990,all equipments are imported from Taiwan.Except the whole advanced production line,in the product designs,we adopted many kinds of advanced processing technics,such as the CAD&CAPP, multi-station & multi-blanking progressive tungsten steel die for impacting plates,mesh belt conveyor furnace for continuous heat treatment,nitrocarburizing for surface of carburized parts, centreless grinder for external round of pin,shot peening for surface,bunching & choosing the plates automatically,assembling chains high-speedily through orientation based on hole,etc.,consequently it was assured that we could produce the high-quality chains.At the same time,our company carries out strictly the standard ISO,GB,ANSI,DIN,BS,NF etc.,so the chains can satisfy the requirements from different countries.In 1993,in nation-wide chain profession quality sampling,our chains 530# win the first of total points, get the praise from the National Machinery Service.On the other hand,in the profession sampling inspection over the years,all chains meet natinal & international standard.

In the aspect of quality inspection,our company possesses the various advanced inspection equipments,such as digital display instrument for measuring chain length,material testing machine,digital display instrument for measuring chain torque,material analytical balance,metalloscope,endurance testing machine of chain,etc.At the same time, our company already passed through the ISO9002 quality system standard of DNV(DET NORSKE VERITAS) in December 1998.And our company passed through ISO 9001 quality system standard of DNV(DET NORSKE VERITAS) in March December 2002.

Our quality policy is " found Hengchang brand , rule chain region,manufacture every precise chain,service all customers". Our quality goal is " offer completely qualified products for customers".

In the new year, to meet the higher requirement of masses of customers for quality,our company ploughs into more than RMB 30 millions to carry out technical improvement,so our company will enter new round of development period,also offer more excellent products for masses of new or old customers.

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