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Corporate Culture

In terms of quality inspection, the company has strong testing ability. It has many kinds of advanced detection equipment, such as digital display chain length measuring instrument, material testing machine, chain loosening torque measuring instrument, material analysis balance, crystal microscope, chain wear testing machine and so on. At the same time, in December 1998, the company passed the ISO9002 quality system certification of the Norway classification society.

The quality policy of Zhejiang Hengchang Chain Co. Ltd. was founded "Hengchang brand chain, dominating the world, manufacturing is fine, the eight party customer service". The quality goal is to "provide 100% qualified products for the customers"

In the new year, in order to adapt to the higher requirements of customers for quality, the company put about 30000000 into technological improvement. The company will enter a new round of development, and provide better products for the vast number of new and old customers.

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