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  • Automatic chamfering machine

    The vibration disc is automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic car flat chamfering.

  • High precision tetragonal riveting machine

    Full automatic feeding, high speed up to 10000-12000 / h; precision control of riveting force.

  • Inspection system for inspection line

    Automatic detection of parts, pretension, running, oil and cut off.

  • Laser marking machine

    High energy laser beam and vibrating mirror scanning system, high precision, high speed, long mark, environmental protection meet the RoHS standard.

  • Fully automatic assembly line

    High speed automatic 10000 day / hour, hole position feeding and traditional transport chain plate, no distortion.

  • CNC lathe

    The precision of the digital control is 0.005-0.1mm, the spindle speed and feed range are large, and the machining is fast.

  • Automatic reeling machine

    Precision control, small joint and no surface indentation.

  • Automatic cutting machine

    High quality tungsten carbide cutting die, cutting speed up to 300 times / min; mechanical limit and induction detection, length deviation less than 0.1mm.

  • Automatic CNC precision sprocket punch press

    Automatic microcomputer control, pressure curve retracting, abnormal protection and complete blanking die; sprocket high efficiency stamping molding.

  • High speed precision punch press

    Taiwan imported brands, 16T-630T series of eight rectangular tonnage; with roller guide slider, guarantee chain accuracy and flatness (less than 0.001mm).

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